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Capstak’s “Haves & Wants” empower the commercial real estate community by increasing deal flow visibility, providing greater access to capital and connecting you with partners.

Our algorithm automatically matches you with other interested parties, potential partners and capital sources and lets you connect via private chat messaging.

For even more visibility, share your “Haves & Wants” with the Network in our public local Market Feeds.


Create your Capstak Profile and Portfolio to market your credentials and create a visual library of current and past projects that is easily shared and also accessible on mobile. The Profile and Portfolio pages allow you to stand out in an industry built on connections and trust.

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Access industry News and Information in real time. Capstak delivers personalized information that is contextualized and actionable for the markets you select and care about.

Message, chat, share articles, market intelligence, documents, pictures or videos and collaborate easily and efficiently with your colleagues, clients and other members of the Network.


The Capstak Community creates more business opportunities through powerful connectivity. The insights and relationships gained from your Capstak Network will directly impact your bottom line.

Enhance and support current relationships, make new relationships, expand your reach and extend those relationships into new markets to source deals, find partners and access capital for yourself and your clients.

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Welcome to the next generation platform for the commercial real estate professional.

Our 50+ years of experience in commercial real estate has shown us where the industry is broken and how it can be improved – via better deal sourcing, finding great partners and broader access to capital.

Capstak addresses these issues by creating increased efficiency, professional connections and more opportunity.

This is our mission.

Expand your network with brokers, lenders, developers, investors and service providers. Engage in trusted relationships across the industry. Access collaboration tools, information and cutting-edge technology.

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Capstak Co-CEO Heather Goldman

"We combined our passion for technology as well as our respect for and experience in the commercial real estate community, to launch a platform that will enable people to connect, engage and make deals happen."

Heather Goldman

Capstak Co-CEO Michael Schnabel

"We created Capstak to be a community. A place where commercial real estate professionals — whether they specialize in development, brokerage, management or capital markets —build relationships."

Michael Schnabel
Capstak Head of Community Kyle Brice

"On Capstak, every connection should lead to discovering a new opportunity. The tools we build are to make commercial real estate professionals' jobs easier."

Kyle Brice
Capstak CTO Ben Lucchesi

"We’re building a platform that is regionally and contextually relevant to the haves, wants and happenings of commercial real estate professionals."

Ben Lucchesi