What is Capstak?

by Capstak

Capstak is all about business, your business, and technically…our business. We are commercial real estate professionals, and we made Capstak based on the things we have wanted throughout our 50 years of combined experience.


So what is Capstak?


Before we answer that, let’s back up and talk about what Capstak isn’t. At first glance you might think we’re a social network, but Capstak is not a place to share cat videos or photos of last night’s dinner, so technically we can’t be a social network. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good cat video, all we are saying is, there are better platforms for that sort of thing.


So if we’re not a commercial real estate social network, maybe Capstak is a Market Network.  Which would make sense, because according to Tech Crunch, “Social Networks Were the Last 10 Years. Market Networks Will Be the Next 10.”


Now, at this point you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is a market network?”


Glad you asked. Again, according to Tech Crunch, Market Networks are marketplaces that provide transactions combined with the community of a social network. Platforms like Uber and Etsy are examples of market networks that lean more toward the marketplace aspects. Whereas platforms like LinkedIn fall more into the social network category.


Marketplace + social network = market network, simple right?


So what is it that people will be transacting on Capstak? Information.


Information that allows commercial real estate professionals to do their job better and be more successful. Tech Crunch defines this as, “Market networks bring a career’s worth of professional connections online and make them more useful.” We define it as, “Actionable connectivity.”


Has a nice ring to it yeah?


On Capstak, every connection should lead to discovering a new opportunity. The tools we build are to make your job easier; from connecting your haves and wants automatically with other users’ needs, aggregating the top news and information to maintain your market edge, or giving you a platform to build your brand in the industry. We want to make it so you have more time to make deals.


So, whether you want to call us a social network, a market network or a web-based commercial real estate actionable connectivity network (try to say that 10 times fast), at its core Capstak really is just a platform for commercial real estate professionals to connect with other professionals in the industry, and ultimately increase their deal flow and overall success in business.


Are we going to disrupt the commercial real estate industry? Maybe. Do we prefer to think of ourselves as enabling it? Definitely! Can we make your job easier? We sure hope so.


Welcome to Capstak.

Community + Connectivity + Knowledge

Capstak is a market network for the commercial real estate capital markets. Capstak’s proprietary technology solutions empower the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry by enabling CRE professionals to find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners with greater ease and efficiency. CRES provides bespoke services to enhance the efficiency of the matchmaking of capital for capital seekers and brokers advising the debt and equity CRE capital markets. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with offices in New York and San Francisco. www.Capstak.com