Building Your Commercial Real Estate Brand on Capstak

by Capstak

What is it that sets successful commercial real estate professionals apart? Is it like Duke Long implies, that successful commercial real estate professionals are just smarter and overall better at their job?


While we can appreciate Long’s sentiment, here at Capstak we believe it is more about nurture than nature.


Whether you’re a commercial real estate broker, investor, capital provider, lender, developer or even an architect you have the same basic responsibilities. You have to engage and activate your network, highlight your portfolio of work, stay up to date on news and industry trends and get your haves and wants in front of people looking for those opportunities. And, you have to do all this on a local and sometimes worldwide scale.


Michael Beckerman points out on his blog, commercial real estate is a, “relationship business that requires local knowledge and data to succeed.”


Capstak built this platform to make that easier, and ultimately allow you to do your job better.


The first step to optimizing this platform…building your brand on Capstak.


Here’s our top recommendations to build your brand:

  1. Show the right experience in your profile – Speaker and Sales Coach, Alice Heiman wrote a great article about building your brand on LinkedIn, and the same advice applies to your Capstak profile, “Think of your…profile as a free AD. Don’t waste space. Highlight the unique things about you that will compel readers to hire you, refer you, and connect you to their growing networks. Be creative and include content that shows them what you can do. Your peers on Capstak don’t care that you are a motivated-self-starter and team player, they want to know what you’ve done before and what you are looking to accomplish next.

  2. Keep your “Haves and Wants” updated – Capstak is going to automatically put your Haves and Wants in front of other users who have identified relevant opportunities. But, we can’t do that if we don’t know what you have and/or want. So do yourself a favor and update your Haves and Wants. Just fill out the quick form and we’ll take care of the leg work for you.

  3. Share your connections’ Haves and Wants – Referral marketing is the most trusted form of marketing communications, and a little reciprocity never hurt anybody. You share your connections Haves and Wants and it’s likely they will share yours. Also, a rising tide raises all ships (yeah I know that’s a cliché, I’m mad at myself for using it). Let’s say you work for a title company, and you share a commercial real estate broker’s Haves and Wants. The more of those Haves and Wants that turn into deals, the more likely it is that broker will need a title company for a transaction. It’s a win-win for everybody.


  1. Post news articles – Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days, and the first step to becoming a thought leader is building a personal brand by sharing relevant and thought provoking content with your network. We know how hard it can be to sift through a dozen news sources, skimming for relevant titles and reviewing to provide context to other users. Luckily Capstak built our Capstak News feature to provide you with the top industry articles along with Personalized News which aggregates articles, blog posts and social content directly relevant to you. All you have to do is scroll through your news page and share the best articles with your network.

  2. Speak like a human – Using big words is cool…in academia. But, you know what’s really cool? People understanding what you are talking about. The commercial real estate industry uses a lot of jargon, and nothing says you’re an expert like being able to explain that to anybody in simple terms.

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