Randi Reed answers the five questions we always wanted to ask her.

by Capstak

Randi Reed ProfileRandi Reed shapes the built environment in large ways and small.

A high-profile leader of the development sector in Nevada for more than a decade, Randi today wears two hats. 

She's the executive director of NAIOP Northern Nevada, ensuring that the organization meets the needs of developers, owners and investors in industrial, office and related commercial real estate.

She's also the co-owner of Haus of Reed, which creates finely crafted custom furniture that's respectful of traditional techniques and modern style.

With seemingly boundless energy and wide-ranging contacts throughout the development, architectural, engineering and construction sectors in Reno and Las Vegas, Randi has put to good use the bachelor's degree in environmental science she earned from California State University, Northridge.  She's held marketing positions and owned a marketing and business development company that worked with architects, engineers and builders in Las Vegas.

And despite her busy schedule, she contributes to the community as the volunteer vice president of Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, which helps poor, homeless and directionless young women overcome poverty.

She answers our questions:

1. What are the personal attributes that have been most important to your success? 
I'm honest, loyal, tenacious, and fearless. 
2. Who has been the most important mentor in your professional life?
I would say trial and error was the most important mentor. Working in LA and Las Vegas for 15 years quickly teaches you the sink-or-swim lesson. The waterlogged look was not a good look for me, so I decided to swim and haven't stopped.
3. What role do you see for NAIOP in the commercial real estate ecosystem of Northern Nevada? 
I see NAIOP rising to the top of the commercial real estate ecosystem, as we are gaining traction every month from our membership numbers, incredible events/programs and our government affairs efforts. NAIOP is the premier commercial real Estate organization and our region is resurgent because of the efforts from NAIOP members like Panattoni and Dermody. If we do not protect their interests and the interests of our industry, there will be no ecosystem to speak of.
4. How has your work as an entrepreneur with Haus of Reed influenced your thinking about the commercial real estate profession? 
Haus of Reed designs and creates incredible custom furniture, which requires listening to your client, understanding their needs and/or space requirements, in addition to paying careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process. It's similar to commercial real estate because whether you are building a building or leasing space to a client, you must listen to their needs and that little devil in the details … otherwise, that deal is lost. If you can manage those skills in any form of business, you will not only have happy clients, but repeat clients! 
5. In your opinion, what's the best restaurant in Reno right now? 
Fifty Two Plates - my home kitchen and blog! 

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