Capstak's Weekly Wrap Up | August 4

by Capstak


1) National Real Estate Investor | 2017 Top Industrial Owners

This week, the National Real Estate Investor published their list of Top Industrial Owners of 2017. The rankings are based on the volume of industrial space owned globally as of Dec. 31, 2016. The top five owners collectively total almost a billion and a half square feet.

  1. ProLogis: 622,000,000
  2. GLP: 407,729,800
  3. Blackstone Group: 194,000,000
  4. Exeter Property Group: 133,000,000
  5. Duke Realty Corp: 130,900,000


2) Capstak Influencer | John Pascal of JMB Financial Advisors

Capstak had the opportunity to speak with John Pascal of JMB Financial Advisors out of Chicago, and ask him his thoughts about upcoming trends in commercial real estate. When asked about the future of commercial real estate valuations over the next 10 years, John highlighted interest rates, availability of capital, returns, technology, logistics and consumer tastes. John believes that technology is poised to be one of the biggest factors in attract tenants/users to your commercial property. Read the full profile to see Johns other predictions about commercial real estate and technology.


3) VentureBeat | SEC to blockchain community: You are now regulated

At the end of last week, the SEC made a big decision, concluding that, “blockchain tokens sold through token sales are securities,” which means they will now be subject to federal securities laws. This decision likely won’t have much of an impact on your day-to-day life, but it’s big news for the decentralized Internet. Basically, for a token, or any other kind of tradeable digital currency, to be considered a security it must meet or fail The Howey Test. The three main aspects of the Howey test are:

  1. An investment of money (digital or otherwise)
  2. In a common enterprise
  3. With an expectation of profits predominantly from the efforts of others

So, on the positive side, this means it will be harder (or at least more illegal) to abscond with your money. On the other hand, this move will also likely drive blockchain/bitcoin innovation out of the US, taking the best talent with it.


4) WIRED | A Pod Races Through The Hyperloop For The First Time Ever

We’ve seen articles speculating the impacts to our future cities and tweets talking about verbal agreements with the government, but we have yet to see the hyperloop in action – until now. This weekend at Hyperloop One’s Nevada (warning, they say it wrong in the video) test track they filmed the first test of the pod that will someday carry passengers between cities and states. The 3,000-horsepower electric propulsion system pushed the pod to around 200 miles per hour in five seconds. Someday, engineers hope to get that speed up to 700 miles per hour.  


5) Reuters | Banks tightened lending standards for commercial real estate in second quarter

On Monday, the Fed release the survey results of loan officers at U.S. banks. The survey found U.S. banks are tightening lending standards on commercial real estate loans while terms for business loans remained largely unchanged. This comes on the heels of, “Fed policymakers warning that a run-up in commercial real estate prices could intensify any future economic downturn.”


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