Capstak's Weekly Wrap Up | September 1

by Capstak


1) WIRED | What The Controlled Chaos Of Burning Man Reveals About Cities

Black Rock City DesignWired looked at Black Rock City, Burning Man’s home, through the lens of a city planner. The layout of Black Rock City, surprisingly, stays pretty consistent every year. The clock-themed street grid works well for navigating the city, for example one could say, “Meet me by the gigantic Boeing 747, at 2:30 and G.” The other reason there is little change year-over-year is because the Bureau of Land Management has a firm hand in guiding Burning Man and change comes with many hoops to jump through. Even with this government oversite, the 70,000-person city is put together and taken down by about 2,000 organizers and volunteers in just two months. Some event attendees say the hyper-efficient layout that makes this feat possible, can cause “Constant Disorientation” as every corner looks like the same dystopian-desert-campsite. But, maybe there are other factors than the layout that might cause this disorientation.


2) Forbes | Carl Icahn Unloads Unfinished Las Vegas Casino For $600 Million--More Than Four Times What He Paid 

In February 2010 Carl Icahn, an investor and real estate developer, bought the site of future Las Vegas Casino Fountainebleau for $148 million. This week he sold the unfinished property for $600 million. Icahn acquired the property after the former developers filed bankruptcy on the $2.9 billion project. Fountainebleau’s newest owner is New York-based developer Steven Wifkoff, and signals the recovery of Vegas. Sin City’s economy is a great litmus test for how well the rest of the county is doing, and it appears that people are feeling liquid enough to let their money ride.


3) Construction Dive | Elon Musk's Boring Company gets the OK to tunnel under Los Angeles suburb

This week Elon Musk received more than a verbal confirmation to start digging. Musk’s tunneling venture, the Boring Company, received official permission from the Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, CA, to dig a tunnel nearly 2 miles long and up to 44 feet deep. The Boring Company is trying to speed up the tunneling process while reducing costs by a "factor of 10 or more.” This is also the first step in creating Musk’s grander vision of a functioning hyperloop. Fingers crossed.


4) Apple | Apple’s next US data center will be built in Iowa

Apple has been getting a lot of press for their new $5 billion headquarters, nick named the mothership. But, that expense hasn’t limited their ability to invest in their product. This week, Apple announced their newest billion-dollar data center ($1.3 billion to be exact) which will be based out of Waukee, Iowa. The 400,000 square foot data center will run entirely on renewable energy from day one, and is projected to create around 550 construction jobs. Apple is also reportedly contributing $100 million to a newly created Public Improvement Fund for community development and infrastructure managed by the city Waukee.


5) Next City | In Push for Downtown Revitalization, Reno Might Criminalize Homelessness

America’s housing crisis has been escalated in cities recovering from the recession, and there are few cities who were hit as hard and have recovered as quickly as Reno. The housing crisis is also not doing the state of homelessness any favors. Which explains the current legislation in front of the City of Reno, which has been coined as criminalizing Homelessness. The law is being criticized by the ACLU of Nevada, homeless advocates and Reno clergy. The law is also being supported by many downtown business owners. This highlights one of the biggest challenges facing homelessness, how to support to the most vulnerable members of our community while protecting the interests of the businesses driving community growth. 

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