Capstak's Weekly Wrap Up | March 24

by Capstak


1) CBRE | Global Investor Intentions Survey 2017

This week CBRE released their 2017 Global Investor Intentions Survey results. The Survey results reflect the input of more than 2,000 major investors worldwide, and showed that investors continue to have a positive outlook on commercial real estate. Those surveyed indicated that their investment activity will be the same or greater compared to 2016 and, more impressively, that no less than $1.7 trillion worth of cash reserves set aside for investment purposes will hit real estate markets this year.

2) Business Insider | We visited Amazon's first neighborhood bookstore and saw how it could change the industry for good

Apparently, everyone is worried about brick-and-mortar retail, except Amazon. The world's largest online bookseller, has been opening brick-and-mortar stores like this cashier-free convenience store. This week the newest Amazon brick-and-mortar location opened in Chicago's upscale Lakeview neighborhood.

3) Opportunity Nevada | Capstak: A Nevada Success Story

This week Opportunity Nevada, a collaborative marketing initiative created to promote Nevada economic development efforts, published a piece about Capstak’s growth over the past year. This piece coincides with the expansion of our Haves & Wants platform, a proprietary algorithm that seamlessly and easily matches buyers with sellers, tenants with landlords, lenders with borrowers.

4) Wired | Forget Bitcoin. The Blockchain Could Reveal What’s True Today and Tomorrow

Blockchain is the global ledger that threatens to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. But, Silicon Valley is now looking at blockchain as a new way of building markets that predict the future. The thought is, the openness of a blockchain could deliver far more powerful prediction markets than ever before, spreading them to a much larger number of people.

5) Fortune | Why Airbnb’s New China Push Could Actually Work

Airbnb is trying to do what many, including the unicorn startup Uber, have failed to do in the past – penetrate the Chinese market. Many see this as an uphill battle. The notion being that to succeed in China, Airbnb will need a huge inventory of Chinese homes. That is not the case, what they have up their sleeve is Chinese users who use the service to travel overseas. Based on their past performance, I don’t think I’d bet against Airbnb being just fine in the Chinese market.

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