How to Use Capstak in Your 2017 Business Plan

by Capstak


Business plans for the new year, like resolutions, are typically extravagantly vague and ambiguous. Unclear intention creates a severe disadvantage for any plan. A business plan should be both aspirational and attainable, and strive to innovate the company, market positioning and/or industry. Innovation is perhaps the most pertinent driver of business today.


Most business plans for 2017 will include bullet points and section headers on reaching new audiences, creating more partnerships or expanding efficiency all with the ultimate goal of being more successful. There are many routes you can take to achieve these goals,  perhaps through one of the many tabs currently open on your browser. I bet if you were to look, one of those open tabs, that you’re hoping will write your business plan for you, is a social network. While they may appear to be a distraction - when repurposed, a social network becomes an incredibly useful tool. You can haphazardly boost posts and promote pages, but for your social networks to become a legitimate strategy, they require a meaningful collaboration.


At its foundation, Capstak employs functions very similar to those found on Facebook and Twitter. However, Capstak is not a social network, but a market network - a collaboration network. Powered by relationships. Capstak is a platform committed to not only innovating, but empowering the commercial real estate industry through this approach.


Here’s three way to use Capstak in your 2017 Business Plan:


  1. Expand market reach

    Assets are local, but capital and business partners are national and global. Which is why we believe, in Commercial real estate, your network is your net worth. Capstak provides access to a network of commercial real estate professionals posting their newest projects, opinions on commercial real estate news and haves and wants for future projects. By interacting
    on the site and distinguishing your positioning, you are expanding your reach, and ultimately growing your network. As the New York Times puts it, "Participants successfully contribute to the broader marketplace by inducing other participants to engage more...success is rewarded off platform." This "attention brokerage" creates more online engagement, which results in off-line success. 

  2. Cultivate personal connections and relationships

    Entering into and maintaining professional relationships is simplified on Capstak. Interaction on the news feed isn’t limited to people you are already connected with - like other social media networks. On Capstak we group users by the markets they do business in. When you see a new community member in the feed, learn about their professional experience, topics they have discussed in recent activity and any current projects by exploring their profile. After learning a little about the user, send a connection request, and use personal and/or group messaging to start growing your relationship. That initial message may turn into your next deal room.


  3. Create efficiency through organization

    Don’t you hate when you see an article that you really want to read, but because you don’t have time right at that moment it slips to the bottom of your inbox and inevitably is forgotten forever? Us too. That’s why Capstak built in a save feature for all news and Haves and Wants on Capstak. Also, you can avoid the clutter and confusion of multiple email threads, email 
    invites and offline conversations by creating a group message on Capstak. Add team members as necessary, to create a chronological record of shared information. You can also share a link to a Capstak news article or a have and/or want posting for future reference. This will keep your team’s conversations, links and ideas in one space.


When strategizing the most effective business plan for 2017, consider tackling the goals you see every year with a new method. Rather than coasting on unclear plans, use tactics that integrate larger ideas and create impact. Capstak enables meaningful collaboration by providing connection, efficiency and organization. Like a social network, Capstak embodies the appeal of community and collaboration. However, the connections and posts on Capstak hold value for deal making, project development and professional insight.

Including Capstak in your business plan for 2017 creates clarity and intention. Achieve your company’s goals of innovation by implementing Capstak into your plan.

Community + Connectivity + Knowledge

Capstak is a market network for the commercial real estate capital markets. Capstak’s proprietary technology solutions empower the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry by enabling CRE professionals to find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners with greater ease and efficiency. CRES provides bespoke services to enhance the efficiency of the matchmaking of capital for capital seekers and brokers advising the debt and equity CRE capital markets. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with offices in New York and San Francisco.