What is Capstak?

by Capstak


Capstak is the commercial real estate market network where professionals connect, find opportunities and transact. Properties are local, but capital and business partners are national and global. Expand your reach and do more deals with Capstak.





Video Transcript:

Welcome to Capstak, a digital platform designed by and for commercial real estate industry professionals. We help you find deals, source capital, build relationships and identify trusted business partners. Capstak is making the commercial real estate market work better so you can do more deals, save time and money and improve your bottom line. Best of all you can begin doing deals today for free on your desktop and on mobile.


At the heart of Capstak is our Haves & Wants powered by our proprietary matching algorithm. Just select your deal type, and provide the description, then click to post. That's it! Capstak’s technology does the rest automatically showing you matches with other members of the community who might have an interest in your deal or in similar deals.


Being able to track markets is critical to underwriting and sourcing viable opportunities. Using our Market Intelligence feeds and market map you can track all the markets you do business in. Easily post content or Haves & Wants to your market feed and share it with colleagues, clients or a geographically specific audience.


Personalized information is critical to success. The Capstak Edge daily email is a powerful tool that provides information specific to your interests. Add topics of interest to your personalized news section and it scours the internet for articles and intelligence you won't find anywhere else.


Capstak’s private messaging helps you connect with potential partners, create chat groups around deals or share Haves & Wants and deal information with a click of a button.


Your Capstak profile and portfolio promotes your personal brand and track record in an attractive format that's easy to share.


Capstak do More Deals. Be Even More Successful.

Community + Connectivity + Knowledge

Capstak is a market network for the commercial real estate capital markets. Capstak’s proprietary technology solutions empower the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry by enabling CRE professionals to find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners with greater ease and efficiency. CRES provides bespoke services to enhance the efficiency of the matchmaking of capital for capital seekers and brokers advising the debt and equity CRE capital markets. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with offices in New York and San Francisco. www.Capstak.com